DIY Bike Maintenance Work Studio in Osaka

Inspect, Maintain, Overhaul or Upgrade your bike with our DIY Bike Maintenance Work Studio. 

Equipped with Park Tool & Shimano bike tools; and supplied with quality lubricates and degreasers, you have the perfect place to maintain your own bike.


While it is always nice to have that 'New Bike Day', keeping your current bike well-maintained and running smooth is a good thing on many levels. Not only will it help keep your rides enjoyable, it can also help make a big contribution to the SDGS Goal 12, in achieving responsible Consumption and Production. 

Cycling is generally considered as an environmentally-friendly mode of transport but there is still a need to replace parts frequently. Some of the wear and tear on bikes cannot be helped and is just caused by cycling a lot over a long time but some of the wear and tear can be reduced and slowed down. Even the simple act of wiping the rims or blowing out grit from the brake calipers can remove dirt, dust and grit that cause wear on brake shoes, and thus reduce the frequency for replacement. 

The same applies to anywhere there are bearings, (hubs, bottom brackets, steering and pedals). A regular degreasing, cleaning and the application of new grease can help reduce the wear and tear on the bearings and bearing cups. Again, keeping the bike running smooth and reducing the need for replacement parts can save you money in the long run, as well as help us achieve responsible consumption.


DIY Bike Maintenance Options in Osaka:

Tools Available

Park Tool

Hub Spanners:



SCW - 13 to 19

Wheel Truing & Spokes


TSB 2.2

Spoke Wrench

SW 7.2





Portable Wheel Dishing Gauge WAG-5


Spoke Tension Meter TM-1 


Disc Brake

Rota Truing Fork - DT 2



HXS 1.2




PAW-1 Adjustable Wrench 

OM-1 Work Mat

Magnetic Bowl

IR-1.2 Internal Cable Routing Kit



TL -PD40 Axle Removal Tool

TL - FC36/FC25 BB Remover

Crank cover remover

Other Tools

Bike hand - YC335CO Chain clipper

Bike hand - YC 336 Chain pin remover

Grunge Pedal Wrench 

E-tool 6480 BB Crank Remover

E-tool 1450 BB Remover

BBB Chain Whip

BBB Cassette Remover

Lubes and Degreasers Available

Park Tool



Keep in mind

Reservation & Cancellations

Use of Tools & Work Studio require reservations in advance. Bookings can be cancelled and fully refunded up to 10am on the day of the reservation. If you cancel after 10am, no refund can be given. Sorry!

Same day & Walk-ins

We may be able to accept Walk-in clients but we cannot guarantee staff availability so advise that you contact in advance if you have missed the online booking cut-off time of midnight. 


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