Road Bike Wash & Cleaning in Osaka

It's good practice to wash your bike regularly. A regular wash allows you to inspect the bike closely and remove grit and grime that may cause wear and tear if not dealt with.

Keeping your Road Bike clean helps its longevity and keeps the bike looking new.

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Here's our Road Bike Cleaning Options in Osaka:

Out of hours: Coin-Operated Rinse/Wash



At just 100 yen for 10 minutes, this is a fantastic option for those who want to give their Bikes a quick rinse and wash away any grit and gravel picked up after a ride. Some basic brushes are provided to help remove more stubborn dirt. 


  1. Use the stand provided and ensure the bike is stable.
  2. Remove any accessories (lights, pump etc) and place them on the shelf provided.
  3. Insert 100 yen into the coin-timer and close the door to prevent water ingress.
  4. Rinse down the bike and use the brushes provided. Adjust pressure depending on preference.
  5. Please rinse brushes and return them.
  6. Rinse the floor to remove any dirt and soap
  7. Return hose and store gun.

Feel free to BYO your own soap/lube. 


Keep in Mind:

  • This is an out of regular hours service so please note Staff may not be available to assist. 
  • Please be mindful of our neighbours and passers-by. 
  • Please do not use before 7am and after 9pm.
  • Watch out for vehicles, too.

The jet wash is extremely powerful. DO NOT aim/spray directly at your own body parts or other people.  

Please use it at your own risk. We do not accept responsibility for damages and injuries caused before, during, and after use.


DIY-Wash (Reservation needed)

Give your bike a more thorough 30-minute wash and cleaning, using our tools, detergents and lubes.


  1. Degrease chain with our Park Tool Chain cleaner and Park Tool CB-4 degreaser.
  2. Degrease and brush cassette.
  3. Use smaller brushes to clean derailleur and crank.
  4. Apply Muc-Off concentrate and brush wheels and frame.
  5. Rinse off and then dry with clothes provided.
  6. Apply lube to chain and wipe excess.

We have a variety of stands and tools to help. You can decide whether or not  to remove the wheels. 

Staff will happily assist and advise if required. Book here!

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Pro-Wash (Reservation needed)

Don't want to get your hands dirty? We can do it for you while you sit back and relax in our clubhouse or go shopping. Book here!


Convenient & Flexible Options


Keep in mind

Reservation & Cancellations

DIY and Pro-wash require reservations in advance. Bookings can be cancelled and fully refunded up to 10am on the day of the reservation. If you cancel after 10am, no refund can be given. Sorry!

Same day & Walk-ins

We may be able to accept Walk-in clients but we cannot guarantee staff availability so advise that you contact in advance if you have missed the online booking cut-off time of midnight. 


Still have questions about our Osaka Road Bike Wash services?

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