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Osaka Harbour Cycling 101 Tour - An Introduction to Cycling & Tour

*Due to COVID-19 all tours are limited to Sundays only.


The view from the cycle path on the Chisote bridge on the Osaka Harbour cycling route.

Tour Description

Osaka sights, authentic Osakan neighbourhoods and harbour views while hopping from island to island on Osaka's intricate river systems, anyone? Our Harbour Cycling tour goes beyond the city and at 40km it’s long enough to get a workout and short enough to make it back for afternoon tea.

The ride starts on the lovely Oogawa river outside Road Bike Rental Japan before crossing the Genpachi Bridge and following the Riverside Cycle path. We have the option to explore the Castle Park or head to directly to Tsutenkaku Tower. The tower offers a glimpse of the post-war economic boom and is surrounded by Shinsekai which harks back to an older, local and very authentic Osaka.

We'll continue weaving through the Osaka urban environment heading west towards the harbour and the first mini ferry crossing at Kizu River. After disembarking we'll start crossing the harbour bridges and take in a real bird's eye view the harbour area from the spectacular Namihayao bridge.

We then cruise on through the Tempozan Area, seeing the Aquarium and Ferris wheel on the way to the second mini ferry crossing. From the other side, we'll get a good view of the mountains to the north and then the eye-catching mystery building at Maishima. We'll then join Osaka's largest river (the Yodo) before cutting through to the Aji River and returning via beautiful and relaxing Nakanoshima where the locals like to chill!

Some pictures from the tour

Tour Details

  • Dates: Being revised now
  • Start time: 09:30 meet 10:00 start | Cycling finish time: Around 14:00
  • Start and finish location: Road Bike Rental Japan - very close to JR Sakuranomiya station
  • Price:
    • 6,000 yen for the tour
    • 5,000 yen for a road bike (11,000 yen total)
    • 4,000 yen for a touring bike (10,000 yen total)
  • What to bring:
    • Water, drinks
    • Suitable clothing for cycling
    • If you request certain pedals, please bring your shoes

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What's included

Cycling Route


Distance: 40km
Elevation Gain: 587m
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To read more about the area and the route please see our Osaka Harbour Cycling Guide and Route.

Osaka Harbour Cycling Guide and Route >

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Guest requirements

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