How to get to the Shimanami kaido cycling route. Guide and route information.

How to get to the Shimanami Kaido from Osaka: Orange Ferry Service

Often acknowledged as the best cycling route in Japan, the Shimanami Kaido won't disappoint. For cyclists heading there from Osaka, the journey is simple.


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The Shimanami Kaido is one of the most famous cycling routes in Japan. The ride is at times nothing short of spectacular.

Getting to the area from Osaka and other areas of Japan was usually by combination of Shinkansen and local trains. However, there is a relatively new ferry running from Osaka to an area south of Imabari called Saijo.

The ferry is cheaper, more comfortable and probably easier than the train making it a great alternative for cyclists.

The ferry from Osaka to Ehime, taking people to the Shimanami kaido.

The ferry lands on the Shikoku side, which means you would start the ride from Imabari and finish in Onomichi. If you were planning on heading into Shikoku for more cycling after the ride, you would need to head to Onomichi and back again. Depending on time, you could do this over two or three days and really explore the islands and towns in the area.

For cyclists starting in Onomichi that are going to Osaka after the ride, the ferry is a great option to get back to Osaka.

The Ferry Service


The ferry service is called Orange Ferry and the website can be found below:

Orange Ferry website >

The boat is has nice trimmings and a decent interior making for a comfortable environment on board. It's large with a passenger capacity of 519 people. There is enough free space spread out around the boat with tables and chairs to relax at.

Inside the ferry from Osaka to Ehime, taking people to the Shimanami kaido cycling route.

Ferry Route

The ferry goes from the Osaka Nanko port to the Toyo Port in Ehime.

The ferry route from Osaka port to Toyo port in Shikoku.

Osaka Nanko Port

Toyo Port (Ehime)

Getting to Osaka Nanko Ferry Terminal

The ferry terminal is in the south of Osaka in the harbor area of Suminoe-ku.

Cycling there is pretty easy. If you are coming from Umeda or the city centre, I would ride south down the Uemachi-suji past Osaka Castle and Shi-Tennoji temple in Tennoji.

The side of Osaka castle on the way to Nanko ferry terminal.

Keep going south past Tennoji station and Abeno-Harukas (tallest building in Japan, can't miss it) and into Abeno-ku. You want to turn right onto the Nanko-dori which takes you west just about all the way to the ferry terminal.

You’ll turn right at the end of the Nanko-dori and then the ferry terminal will be almost immediately on your left. There is a train station at the ferry terminal, which is called “Ferry Terminal” in English and “フェリーターミナル駅” in Japanese.

Nako ferry terminal in Osaka.

If you are coming by public transport the train is probably the best option. It’s about a 5 minute walk from the ferry terminal ticket counter and loading bay.

The ferry terminal train station is on the 'New Tram' line which you can change onto from the Chuo and Yotsubashi Metro lines.

Road Bike Rental Japan to Nanko ferry terminal Route


Distance: 17km
Elevation: 271m
View on Strava >

Departure and Arrival Timetable

The ferry leaves in the evening and arrives in the morning.

  • Departure time: 22:00pm
  • Arrival time: 6:00am

After you arrive in the morning you can stay on the boat until 7am if you like. This gives you a bit of time to get organized, have some breakfast and also wait for first light depending on the time of year.

Bookings and Reservations

Bookings can be made online, by telephone (Japanese) or at the ticket counter. Of course if the ferry if fully booked and you arrive without a reservation, you won’t be able to get on the boat.

The website does have an English translation and a way to book via email in English, otherwise you can use the Japanese reservation system. You can see the orange button on the homepage from the image below.

Classes and Price

There are a fair few different classes of rooms you can book and the price of the ticket also changes depending on the date.

The new ferry interior of the orange ferry going between Osaka and Ehime.

I booked the single room for one person (there is a single room for two people) and it was fine.

There is just a bed, hanger and small desk but it was comfortable. The boat has some general areas to hang out and explore so space wasn't an issue.

Doors to the rooms on the orange ferry going between Osaka and Ehime.

On top of the very reasonable room fee there is a bike fee if you don't bag your bike up. If you want to save a bit of cash and you have a bike bag you can pack up the bike.

Click the below link to see a PDF with all the prices, classes and some other information about the ferry. The PDF is actually provided by Orange Ferry.

Ferry prices, classes and more PDF >

Bike Compatibility

One great thing about the boat is it’s geared for cyclists and offers a few nice services to make traveling by bike pretty easy.

There is a bike stand and pump at the Osaka ferry terminal giving you a place to put your bike while you get your ticket organized.

The bike stand at Nanko ferry terminal.

Being able to take your bike on the ferry as it is means you can pretty much roll on and roll off.

They also offer a bike stand for some of the deluxe rooms so you can actually take your bike into the room. I was in a single so this wasn’t available but I was happy enough to leave it below.

They prepare a pretty thick blanket on the ground so you can lay your bike down on the side.

Putting the bike on the ferry.

Food Drink

There is a restaurant on board if you’re hungry which serves dinner and breakfast. The restaurant also serves alcohol. (Cash only)

There are a fair few vending machines on board too which have water, soft drinks, ice creams and also some basic food items.

The Ride


The ride is a wonderful experience and easy to navigate.

Beautiful views along the Shimanami kaido cycling route.

Thanks to the signs and markings, you can easily do the ride without any navigation. The blue line on the ground periodically shows the kilometers remaining to your destination which is great (Onomichi or Imabari depending on which way you are riding).

It's nice to know how you are progressing meaning less time looking at your phone or GPS and more time taking in the views.

The Route

Adding on the 28km from Toyo Port to Imabari, the ride to Onomichi comes to 100km.

Distance: 100km

Elevation: 1,014m

Access from Osaka city: Easy on the ferry

View on Strava >

Shikoku Arrival

The Toyo port is in Saijo city in Ehime. The ferry arrives in the small harbour town of Imazaike and upon arrival you are greeted with a magnificent view of the mountains.

Beautiful views in the morning at Shikoku.

Mount Ishizuchi, the tallest mountain in Shikoku and western Japan, stands looming in the distance alongside the other large peaks in the range.

In front of the mountains there are farms and the smaller towns of Saijo and the scenery is a beautiful reminder that you have left the concrete expanses of Osaka behind.

More beautiful views in the morning from Toyo port area.

Ride to Imabari

Imabari city is around 20km north of Saijo but the actual start of the Shimanami Kaido is about 28km. As you get off the boat, you want to turn right onto the main road (143) and cycle north following the road signs to Imabari. Then you want to turn right onto route 38 and follow that into Imabari city.

Shimanami Kaido start

The Kurushima Kaikyou bridge is the start of the route and there is a cyclist entrance that takes you up onto the bridge.

The kurushima kaikyou bridge - here starts the Shimanami kaido cycling route from Imabari.

View from the kurushima kaikyou bridge - here starts the Shimanami kaido cycling route from Imabari.

Beautiful views and cycling paths along the Shimanami kaido cycling route.


Beautiful views and cycling paths along the Shimanami kaido cycling route in Japan.


The stunning ocean along the shimanami kaido cycling route.


Lovely shrine on the beach along the shimanami kaido cycling route.

The wonderful bridges along the shimanami kaido cycling route.

The Shimanami Kaido cycling route and area. Experience one of the great cycling routes in Japan.

Beautiful cycling roads and scenery along the Shimanami kaido cycling route.

Onomichi Finish

The ride actually finishes on Mukojima which is an island just over from Onomichi station. From here you take a small ferry over to the city centre on the north side of the water.

There are a couple of ferries leaving from different spots but the ferry I got was 70 yen including the bike. The wharf is located at the end of the route found in this post.

The ferry going over to Onomichi city. 

Final Thoughts

The Shimanami Kaido is one of those routes that if you get the chance, you should do it. The ferry from Osaka gives cyclists another great option for doing the ride. The train is fine, but these are a few advantages of using the ferry:

  • The ferry is overnight; travel while you sleep and awake refreshed to start the ride
  • The ferry is cheaper
  • No need to bag or disassemble your bike
  • Using a bag makes the price cheaper!
  • No fretting about getting space for your bike. Reservation for extra space on the Shinkansen is required
  • Wind down after boarding the ferr with a nice soak in a hot bath

If you are planning on getting to the Shimanami Kaido from Osaka check out our own experience on YouTube - 'How to get to the Shimanami Kaido (Orange Ferry). We'll definitely be back.

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